"What is a Personal URL (or) PURL marketing system?"

In short, PURL stands for "Personalized URL." and if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, you need to find out how to use PURL's to increase response rates and market your business!

Here's how purl or personal url marketing works:

One of the most powerful words you can use when marketing your products and services is your customer's name. People love to hear their own names and purl pages take advantage of this powerful psychological trigger to cause the people who see their advertisements to take action.

On my sales page for Personal URL generator, I have an actual sample PURL you can create using your own name. use the link below to check it out.

Show me typical personal url

A purl generally adds the customers name to the back end of the url (or web site address) so they are more inclined to click on or visit it. you can create a sample purl using your own name at the end of personalurlgenerator.com. separate your first and last name with a "." (dot).

It should look something like this: www.personalurlgenerator.com/firstname.lastname

Now imagine that in your next mailer with each customers name in the URL. Will they click on it? Will they go type it in and visit it? You bet they will. Sheer curiosity will make them wonder if you actually built a webpage for them using their name. If so, they at least want to see what it looks like.

Using the above personal url sample, a purl using my name looks like this:


The beauty of this script is that it will create a page for each customer on the fly. Go ahead and put any name you want in the URL and watch it work. Simply AMAZING!

I have seen PURL's used for almost everything. viral Santa Clause letters, comical newspaper articles, sales pages, wedding websites, you name it. PURL marketing is only limited by your own imagination.

One simple line added at the end of your direct mail or email campaign can...

  • Increase response rates
  • Customize interactive marketing efforts spontaneously
  • Gain valuable information about consumers
  • Convert more prospects into sales and loyal customers
  • Manage customer relationships effortlessly
  • Send qualified, real-time leads to sales
  • Track and measure campaign responses in real-time

One of the early adopters of PURL marketing was marketing GURU David Frey. David recorded a short 8 minute video that explains purl marketing.

Most direct mail campaigns neglect the large percentage of recipients who prefer to respond on-line. A regular old corporate web site just isn't good enough for today's web-savvy audience. Personalized URL Marketing engages these prospects with their own VIP landing pages. A Personalized URL is a web address that incorporates the recipient's name.

Personalized URL Marketing is the technique of using your prospects name as one of the response channels on a direct mail piece and following it up with highly targeted VIP landing pages. When your prospect visits his or her personal landing pages, they find exactly the information they expected based on the direct mail piece.

Personalized URL's help your prospects stay engaged and interested longer. As a result, they are more likely to buy.

Are you starting to understand how many creative ways you can use Personal URL Generator to grow your business? How did you feel when you landed on this page? Did it change your mood?

Imagine what your prospects will feel like when they land on a page you create featuring them. You can clearly see the power of this.

I want to feature your Personal URL sites as example to show others how they can use this very same tool. I am sure that your ideas will blow me (and them)away.

Download your copy today. Download here!


Ricky Brandon

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