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From: Ricky Brandon
Re: Personal URL Generator

Do Your Click Through Rates Look Like This ...?


... When They Could Look Like This!

There's a Secret...

There's a secret why some marketers in your niche are receiving OUTRAGEOUS click through rates while others are going out of business and its called PURL marketing!

What Is PURL Marketing And How Does It Instantly
Increase Click Through Rates And Capture Attention?

PURL stand for "Personal URL" and it allows you to "automatically" create personalized webpages for every website visitor and mailing list prospect you have. You can customize the URL and your website copy with any variation of their name thus making it seem that you personally created the webpage directly for them.

  • Here is a picture of what a PURL (Personal URL) would look like in the address bar.

  • Here is a picture of what a PURL (Personal URL) would look like inside of an email to your prospects.

When the name of your prospect or website visitor is in the actual URL (website address), they will be compelled to visit that URL. A "Personal URL" allows you to provide each prospect on your list with their very own personal web page using their name imbedded in the URL. This is called a PURL and using one activates many psychological buying factors that will dramatically increase your response rates and the amount of time prospects stay on your landing page.

The Curiosity Factor Will Drive Your Prospects To Visit
Their Own Customized PURL Page Immediately.

If you are marketing an online product, seminar, trade show, workshop, affiliate program, or anything else, using PURL marketing will increase your response rates by 4 – 5 times or more!

When your prospect visits their own personal URL, they are blown away when the entire page is customized with their name. They will believe that you have taken the time to create an entire page just for them. This creates an instant bond because they believe that you have already gone out of your way to get their attention. It makes them feel important!

Not Only Can You Customize The Web Address (URL),
But You Can Also Customize Your Webpage With
The Prospects Name!

I knew that creating a custom URL wasn't enough so I developed the script to also give you the ability to customize your webpages with the prospects name. You can show the full prospect name or other variations of their name. To see a complete demo of how this script works, fill in your full name into the demo box below.

See For Yourself How Personalized URL's Can Increase Your Click Throughs And Capture Your Visitors Attention.

==> Demo The Script Below <==

First Name:

Last Name:

A Personalized URL Drives The Prospect To Your Website
The Visitor Sees Personalized Content Based On Their Name
Your Website Captures The Visitors Attention While Increasing Your Earnings

It's like Mad Libs for your web site. You can define where your prospects names show up in any text on your landing page. Even the headline. Think of the impact you can have on your visitors when your next campaign features them.

Personal URL Generator Makes Customizing Easy!

Personal URL Generator makes creating PURL pages super easy. Each page is dynamically filled with the visitors name as they visit their personal URL. That means there is no database to maintain. It's just one super small web page that sits on your server waiting to change for each visitor AUTOMATICALLY. Kind of like having a webmaster sit there 24 / 7 waiting to customize the page for your prospects.

Turn Any Regular HTML Page Into A PURL Page

Personal URL Generator self installs on your web server. All you have to do is create a page named purl.html and upload it to the same directory where you installed Personal URL Generator. You can design your purl page however you want. It really is that easy!

Personal URL Generator Installs In Seconds!
Download the product.
Unzip the files on your computer.
Upload the files to your server.
Use the automatic installer to complete the setup... your done!

Endorsed By David Frey, Marketing Guru!

Dear Ricky,

Personal URL Generator is awesome! This is good thinking because you don't have to upload any pages. You can just print out the URL on your mailer and it will create the page on the fly.

I like it. I am going to use your tool for all of my PURL marketing from now on. This little baby is going to save me a ton of headache and time.

- David Frey, Best Marketing Practices

Another Happy PURL User!

To Ricky Brandon,

"Ricky is the man! His tool, meaning the Personal URL Generator tool, has optimized my virtual spokesperson and skit templates big time. I have seen an increase of 100% traffic from some campaigns. Now in my book that increase and surge in traffic, getting people to click my links is HUGE, Ricky your Personal URL Generator is Huge, keep it up!"

- Craig Ure, Zoom Dazzle

"What's the cost of Personal URL Generator?"

For a limited time, you can own an unlimited use licence of the Personal URL Generator software with all of the tutorial videos, support and 90 day money back guarantee for just $79.00! Take advantage of a program that allows you to have the same advantages of the big boys at a fraction of the price!

When you purchase Personal URl Generator for $79.00 you automatically receive:

  • PURL Video Tutorials - We are constantly creating videos that will show you some outside of the box ways to use Personal URL Generator. We teach you how to do mail merge with auto responders, create postcard mailings and we explore viral marketing using PURL's.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base - Tips, Tricks and Ideas. We share new ideas to help your PURL's POP! We even upload examples of user's PURL pages so you can see what they are doing. We also add screen cast tutorials.
  • Full Support Ticket System - If you ever run into any trouble at all integrating one of your PURL campaigns, our Personal URL Generator professionals are here to help. You get full access to customer support for life.
  • Unlimited Use licence - Your copy of Personal URL Generator is unlocked and can be used on all of your web sites for life.
  • Lifetime Upgrades - We absolutely hate it when a good tool comes along and the makers force you to pay a fee to Upgrade to the newest software every year. We do everything we can to make upgrades worthy and affordable. Right now we're giving Lifetime FREE upgrades to Personal URL Generator.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are so confident that you will love Personal URL Generator that we are offering a full 90 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Now that you understand the value of Personal URL Generator you too can have the ability to create unlimited PURL marketing campaigns for a one time low fee of just $79.00.

Some of my colleagues told me I am crazy to give this program away for such a low price! But I'm not crazy.

I know what it's like to want something so bad and be denied because of cost - been there, done that. That's why I created Personal URL Generator. It's easy, it's inexpensive and it can be yours today!

Provide the personal touch to your web site just like you've always wanted!

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Your satisfaction is important and I guarantee it. When you order Personal URL Generator, I back it with a no risk, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.
If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied, just contact me within 90 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No need for explanations or excuses, just let me know and I'll refund your money on the spot.


Order Personal URL Generator Now

(Requirements: Linux web server with Apache/PHP 4+
Does not work on Windows/IIS servers)

(Download Is Available Immediately After Purchase)

Best of Success,
Ricky Brandon

P. S. Remember, with the money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose! This software will put you on par with the elite who use expensive PURL marketing on their own web sites. Don't put it off! Step up to the plate and order today. Download Your Copy Of Personal URL Generator.

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